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Welcome to MIAR (Information Matrix for the Analysis of Journals) 2015. In the present edition, we have added important new features intended to increase awareness of the journals' visibility.

  • MIAR is now COMPREHENSIVE. Enter any ISSN in the search box and the system will check to see in which databases covered in the matrix the journal is indexed, regardless of whether the journal is included in MIAR. The system will return the ICDS; if the journal is not included in MIAR, the value of the Survival Index will not be given.
  • MIAR is a COLLABORATIVE tool. Publishers, authors and readers can suggest new journals, report errors, supply news, or share data on social networks. Publishers also can include value-added information about their journals if it can be validated against a public source on the Internet.
  • MIAR has an INTEGRATING approach. Beyond reporting on journals' visibility in abstracting and indexing databases, MIAR provides information about them from other evaluation tools, such as the Sello de Calidad FECYT, Scimago Journal Rank, CARHUS+ or CIRC, as well as their open access policies as represented by the ROMEO colour.
  • MIAR is a TRANSPARENT and kept UP-TO-DATE resource. Information is always processed from public information offered by the sources and can be verified through the links provided to the original. Our software agents check the sources fortnightly to keep MIAR updated with the latest changes or additions. The algorithm for ICDS is public and is displayed in each journal’s record.