Information Matrix for the Analysis of Journals

Versión 2021 live

Update to MIAR2019 Live

[Barcelona, ​​04-04-2019]. On January 1, 2019, the MIAR 2018 Live data has been incorporated into the MIAR file. The default version when making queries is version 2019 Live, which is updated permanently throughout the year. For the purposes of historical record, from the complete record of each magazine in the Live version of the current year, data from the calculation of the ICDS from previous years can be accessed.

MIAR 2019 maintains the policy already established in MIAR 2018 regarding the coverage of the journals listed with a detailed file: only the records of reviews that have a presence in, at least, a bibliographic database or a database are displayed. repertoire of evaluation of those analyzed by MIAR. Therefore, journals that do not exceed the established threshold, that is, those that have a contribution of 0.0 points to the ICDS from their presence in databases and directories, do not appear with the MIAR 2019 tab. For this reason, the form to suggest the incorporation of new titles to MIAR applies this same threshold: the system rejects the data provided in cases of those titles totally absent in the matrix analyzed by MIAR.

In any case, just as it has been the case for many years, the ISSN search reports the presence / absence of any journal in the more than 110 sources analyzed, regardless of whether the specific title corresponding to the ISSN is not given. high in MIAR with own file.

Amb el suport del Grup de recerca consolidat “Cultura i Continguts Digitals” (2017_SGR422 / Generalitat de Catalunya), adscrit al Centre de Recerca en Informació Comunicació i Cultura (CRICC): https://fima.ub.edu/grups/cricc/productes