Information Matrix for the Analysis of Journals

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About MIAR

Updated annually, MIAR gathers key data for identification and analysis of journals. These are grouped into major scientific areas -subdivided turn in more specialist academic fields. The system creates a matrix of correspondence between journals, identified by ISSN , and databases , directories and library catalogs that indexed or included. In addition, the link to the websites of the publishers and makers of repertoires and sources indicated institutions is available whenever it.

MIAR is a support tool for those who have to perform assessment work : now have data on the identity and dissemination of the journals in which the works are published under evaluation

MIAR includes more than 40,000 publications , for each of which its presence and multidisciplinary repertoires BDD is analyzed and as a result their ICDS is obtained.

More information in the following publications:

Amb el suport del Grup de recerca consolidat “Cultura i Continguts Digitals” (2017_SGR422 / Generalitat de Catalunya), adscrit al Centre de Recerca en Informació Comunicació i Cultura (CRICC): https://fima.ub.edu/grups/cricc/productes