Information Matrix for the Analysis of Journals

Versión 2021 live

About ICDS

The ICDS (Secondary Composite Index Diffusion) is an indicator that shows the visibility of the journal in different scientific databases of international scope, or failing in repertoires evaluation of periodicals. A high ICDS means that the magazine is present on different sources of information of international relevance. For the calculation of ICDS the following criteria are established.

MIAR shows in the register of each journal how he obtained his ICDS and also details what group databases, or repertories appears.

Changes in the ICDS 2016 calculation

Now the value is rounded to the first decimal. Regarding the score given upon the presence of titles in bibliographical databases, there are two changes: 3+2 points are given when a title is covered by two or more abstracting and indexing databases, without distinction between specialized or multidisciplinary; an additional +1 point is granted to titles that are indexed simultaneously in Scopus and in WoS classic indexes (AHCI, SCIE o SSCI).

Amb el suport del Grup de recerca consolidat “Cultura i Continguts Digitals” (2017_SGR422 / Generalitat de Catalunya), adscrit al Centre de Recerca en Informació Comunicació i Cultura (CRICC): https://fima.ub.edu/grups/cricc/productes